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December 2017

Bruce Brown, Legendary Director

BRUCE BROWN LEGENDARY DIRECTOR OF THE ENDLESS SUMMER, HAS DIE Bruce Brown, legendary director of The Endless Summer and father of the modern surf film, has died aged 80, passing away peacefully in Santa Barbara. For many of us, The Endless Summer and its sequel, The Endless Summer II opened the door to the realms of what it meant to be a surfer/adventurer, seeking the chase....
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Kelly Slater Interview

KELLY SLATER INTERVIEW I WANT TO SPOIL JOHN JOHN'S OR GABBY'S WORLD TITLE RACE The champ is back. Kelly Slater's been on an extended leave of absence after folding his entire foot backwards during a freesurf at J-Bay. Pipe Masters is currently on down time. Kelly's in, returning to competition for the first time since that day back in July, and taking...
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Puerto Rico Still Needs Your Help

PUERTO RICO STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP WIN A LOST SURFBOARD FOR DOING SO A fundraiser has been launched to secure cash for an organisation that is still on the ground in Puerto Rico following the island's bludgeoning by Hurricane Maria. Maria laid into Puerto Rico for a solid 20 hours on September 20th of this year, 100 per cent of the island...
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5 Insane Waves That Are Now Extinct

5 INSANE WAVES THAT ARE NOW EXTINCT There are few things more sacred to surfers than our waves. We recognise them at a glance; spend hundreds of hours seeking them out and thousands of hours learning their moods, then put just as much energy into keeping them secret and “protecting” them from overcrowding and ruin. But often we get so...
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